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The LumberCon decking is a revolutionary new building product

Using LumberCon products are as easy as using traditional wood or composite decking.

Check out our project and gallery sections for ideas and examples of LumberCon uses.


LumberCon™ structural concrete planks is lightweight concrete deck plank that can be cut and installed like wood planks. More durable than wood especially in harsh environments such as those near water, or fire hazards. It will span 3 times longer than wood, requiring fewer structural joists for support.

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LumberCon™ uses are endless. Whether you’re creating a walkway, a set of stairs, a bridge crossing, a platform deck, or anything near or in water, LumberCon™ opens doors to unlimited possibilities. Click the link below and see some of the projects our clients have leveraged LumberCon™  materials.

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The development of LumberCon™ began in 2018 with a team of PCI ( Precast Concrete Institute) veterans with over 100 years of precast engineering, production, and general management experience.

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Since 1993

LumberCon USA Mission

Develop, manufacture and sell a line of proprietary LumberConTM plank and beam products made by our licensed producers worldwide. Invest in R&D to grow the product offering and improve the product performance.  Market to the design and construction community and identify markets in the wood, steel and concrete industries where Lumbercon offers advantages and target those markets for aggressive growth.  Work with our licensed manufacturing team to develop best practices for cost reduction and quality improvements.

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