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LumberCon History

The development of LumberCon began in 2015 with a team of PCI ( Precast Concrete Institute) veterans with over 100 years of precast engineering, production, and general management experience.

From 2015-2017, LumberCon USA was testing various concrete formulations that would have the weight and handling characteristics of wood, with the strength, durability, and fire characteristics of concrete. LumberCon worked with several precast concrete manufacturers before settling on one producer as our licensed manufacturer in Pennsylvania.


LumberconUSA’s mission is to develop, manufacture and distribute a line of proprietary concrete lumber plank and beam products made by our licensed producers worldwide. Lumbercon will continue to invest in R&D to grow the product offering and improve the product performance.

Lumbercon USA will market to the design and construction community and identify markets in the wood, steel and concrete industries where LumberCon offers advantages and target those markets for aggressive growth and partner with our licensed manufacturing teams to develop best practices for cost reduction and quality improvements.

  • International Patents Pending – Construction System and Method Having Integrated Plank and Framing Members
  • Other Patents Pending – System and Method for Making Stress-Composite Structural Members

The LumberCon Team

Tom McEvoy – CEO

CEO – Former President of High Concrete, a leading manufacturer of prestressed concrete, and U.S. Plastic Lumber, a producer of HDPE deck profiles. Tom’s experience with prestressed concrete made him realize that this was a much better material for deck, dock and landscape construction than any of the wood or synthetic wood products currently on the market.

After graduating from Williams College, Tom spent 24 years with Armstrong World Industries in various executive positions in Hong Kong, London and the U.S.  While at Armstrong, he earned a MBA at Emory University in Atlanta.

Doug Lorah

Doug has over 40 years of experience in the prestressed concrete industry.  He was the long time VP of Production at High Concrete and a leader of several production and process improvement committees at PCI ( Precast Concrete Institute).  He is a Fellow at PCI and now runs Lorah Consulting, working with precast concrete companies throughout the U.S.

Ken Baur – Engineering

Ken has been very active with the Precast Concrete Institute (PCI) and have served on many of the Institutes committees including a 9 year tenure with the Technical Activities Committee which provides oversight to all of the research sponsored by PCI as well as review of all published documents. He has served a 20 year tenure with the Research and Development Committee and the Parking Structure Committee. During his work with these committees he has served as a technical advisor to many research projects. Ken recently served as Chairman of a $550,000 project to investigate Prestress Bond in Self- Consolidating Concrete. This research has resulted in a test program which is now recommended by all PCI certified production facilities.

Ken is a Professional Engineer registered in the states of PA, MD, NY, NJ, and DE. He is also a Fellow of the Precast Concrete Institute and a LEED Professional.

Brian Betz – VP, Technical & Sales

Career- Independent Consultant and Representative for Concrete Lumber Co domestically and internationally. With a strong background in Manufacturing, Sales and Distribution he has worked in the WPC industry for over 20 years and the concrete industry for more than eight. In addition Brian has a strong background in residential/light commercial construction. His greatest passion is still building exterior decks and boardwalk projects. He has been on many developmental teams introducing new concepts and products to the building industry for almost two decades. Brian is ACI-Certified.

Home – Sunbury Pennsylvania
Family- Wife Deborah and children Nathan, Silas, Isaiah, and Zoe .
Education-Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania

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