Product Spotlight

What is LumberCon™?

LumberCon™ is a lightweight concrete deck plank that can be cut and installed like wood planks. It will span 3 times longer than wood, requiring fewer structural joists for support. More durable than wood especially in harsh environments such as those near water or fire hazards. Plain or wood grained planks come in natural concrete gray and will hold stain and paint finishes for years.

Why Choose LumberCon™?

LumberCon has a greater span capacity than same-size wood lumber and will not burn, rot, warp, rust, delaminate or splinter. It does not require any chemical treatment for insects or for ground or below grade uses.

Functional Comparisons

FunctionLumberCon™WoodSteelEngineered Wood
Termites and BugsNoYesNoYes
BurnNoYesNot GoodYes
Freeze-ThawExcellentNot goodExcellentNot good
Life Cycle MaintanenceExcellentNot goodExcellentNot good
  • Durable life of >50 years with coatings
  • Class A fire-rating (ASTM E-84 Results = 0)
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Chemical-free
  • Splinter-free
  • Affordable
  • Spans better than wood
  • Acceptable for ground or water contact
  • Excellent “freeze-thaw” performance: not affected by ice

Image: Look at the deflection when three guys weighing almost 700lbs stands on a LumberCon™ plank.


  • Beam – 3″x 9″x 12′ available now
  • Post  – Coming Soon
  • Light grey – can be stained to any color preference with a concrete stain.

Lumbercon USA has a number of patents substantiating the effectiveness of our products:

  • International Patents Pending – Construction System and Method Having Integrated Plank and Framing Members
  • Other Patents Pending – System and Method for Making Stress-Composite Structural Members
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